Day Entry

In our specially-designed viewing room there are 10 nesting boxes that you can look down into and see the penguins inside. Our penguins are wild of course and sometimes might all be at sea during the day, so outside of the breeding season we cannot always guarantee birds will be home. When the penguins are breeding, particularly from August until February, there are always penguins home incubating eggs, raising chicks or moulting. ​

You also have the opportunity to enjoy our display area that has lots of interaction, education and information on our research and monitoring programmes. Find out what goes on behind the scenes at the Colony, learn more about our penguins, discover our children’s area, before heading outdoors to explore the penguins’ nesting environment. 

The daytime viewing activity is self-guided, however we do have a guide on hand to answer your questions. Entry into the day viewing area begins at 10am, continues throughout the afternoon, and ends approximately 7.00pm.

Photography and filming without flash is allowed in the colony but not in the viewing room.




Seniors, Students, Top 10, YHA


Children (5-17 years)


Family Pass (2 Adults + Children



Children under 5 years FREE


Inquire with us if you would like to know more about the Day Entry, however there is no need to pre-book as space is not limited.


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