Well organised and good information from the guides, as it starts to get dark it gets cold so wrap up warm.

Pewsey - UK


Had an awesome time and saw plenty of penguins, seals and learned heaps off the helpful staff! Would definitely recommend it



It was hard not to shriek with delight about the little creatures' super cuteness.



We purchased the premium evening viewing combo with the day tour. The day tour was nice and you were able to walk around the colony and see some of the penguins nesting with their chicks in their homes. The premium evening experience was wonderful! To see those little penguins come home is truly something

Rinney - Atlanta, Georgia


A great experience. You will see the penguins returning from their day out in the ocean swimming and hunting. They walk back right in front of you to their little caves. You will not get closer than this to wild penguins. It is a great experience.

Glan & Jo - Sydney


As it was daylight the little penguins were out fishing or in the nesting boxes protecting the few eggs So there were seals lying around asleep in the sun in front of the complex



Watching them come come and waddling back to their nests is very cute.



It's well worth booking a visit to see the blue penguins return home at the end of a day at sea.



Just do this, it was wonderful. Penguins are so cute.

Katie - Wellington