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Can we see Blue Penguins during the day?

Yes, if penguins are at home during the day you will see them in their nest boxes by taking a self guided or a guided tour. Penguins like to stay inside their nesting boxes during daylight so we have a specially designed building where we can see into their nests. There are 10 nests available for viewing and the number of penguins to see is seasonally dependant.

When do the penguins come out of their nests?

After it gets dark penguins that have stayed home during the day often come out of their nest boxes. Penguins that have gone to sea fishing for the day return home and are active. These penguins you will see during Evening Viewing.

How long will a tour take?

Our self guided daytime tours take 10-25 minutes depending on how much time you have to spend. Our guided tour takes 30-45 minutes. With our evening viewing - we count the penguins for one hour from the first penguin arriving. It is up to you how long you can stay. To watch from start to finish it takes 60-90 minutes.

How many penguins will we see during Evening Viewing?

Penguin numbers depend on their breeding season. The main period of activity will be from September until February where you will see anywhere between 50-200 penguins. During the winter numbers may drop to below 20.

What are the Penguin Arrival Times?

For our very helpful graph which shows the best times during the year, please click further to take you to the graph

What should we wear?

Dress warmly no matter what time of year it is.

Can we take photographs?

No, we don’t allow the use of camera at all. The penguins are easily frightened by lots of noise, movement and bright lights.

No Camera's Please