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Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures

2017-18 Breeding season

We had an unusual start to the 2017 season as we had an early clutch laid during the last week of May. We didn't have any more egg laid until the 8th of July. Updated 17 October.

Total eggs laid 301
Total chicks hatched 117
Total chicks fledged  
Total breeding pairs 155


2016-17 Breeding season

2016 was an improvement on the 2015 season with first eggs recorded late July. We had more breeders and chicks fledged than the 2015 season as well.

Total eggs laid 366
Total chicks hatched 287
Total chicks fledged 278
Total breeding pairs 145


2015-16 Breeding season

This season began later than last year due to consistently stormy weather and high sea-swells during June so the penguins did not lay eggs until mid-August.

Total eggs laid 271
Total chicks hatched 217
Total chicks fledged 214
Total breeding pairs 120


2014-15 Breeding season

The 2014/15 breeding season started 30th June. It was our best ever season with 400 chicks fledging!!

Total eggs laid 549
Total chicks hatched 423
Total chicks fledged 400
Total breeding pairs 191